The precious dressing for a healthy life

L'ESSENZIALE is what I have the privilege to live every day of my life and that I try to share with the people I meet: a simple life, love for nature, passion for healthy food and care for body and mind. There are three precious ingredients that are always present in my life: YOGA that leads me to my personal growth, the practice of TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE that allows me to enter a peaceful state of mind and the EXTRA VIRGIN AND ORGANIC OLIVE OIL  from Sicily which besides keeping me anchored to my origins nourishes my body and keeps me healthy and strong!





... for a unique experience of awareness and growth!

If you feel you need a greater connection with the most hidden and truest part of you, if you need to feel fit or simply let go to relax a little, you are in the right place! take a look at my offers and call me to make an appointment!



An indispensable practice to become aware of the innumerable potentialities of body and mind, to recognize one's limits and learn to respect and love them.

Hatha yoga courses for adults, seniors, for pregnancy and postpartum.

... And in summer ... Yoga in Nature!


An extremely relaxing treatment coming from India that aims to restore the natural flow of the life energy (Prana) in the body.  Thai massage works on the energy lines which run through the body, can break blockades and help to restore a general well-being.


The extra virgin and organic olive oil that my family has been producing for three generations in the Valle del Belice (Sicily) is now available also in Switzerland!

 The oil is made with love and passion, respecting the land, its fruits and the people who work it.


Timetable and appointments

Hatha Yoga Tuesdays 19.30

Yoga for pregnancy Wednesday 17.00

Hatha Yoga on-line Wednesday 19.30

Hatha Yoga soft Thursday 08.30

Hatha Yoga Thursday 19.30



Courses are held in Cologna,

opposite Garage Lanfranchi

Traditional Thai Massage by appointment;


Tasting and purchase of olive oil by appointment;


t. +41762927502





I was born and grew up in Sicily and I always carry in my heart the inestimable fullness of colours and scents, the warmth of the sun and the people and the depth of the sea. Since I was a child I have been lucky enough to admire the majesty and strength of the olive trees that surround our house in the country and to appreciate their fruits. Today I am fortunate enough to receive some of our delicious organic family olive oil every year to make it known abroad and to allow many people to appreciate its extraordinary flavour and countless benefits.

My first encounter with yoga and Thai massage was during my one-year stay in Bangkok, Thailand. It was there that I found myself for the first time talking face to face with my body, listening to it and observing it. I was fascinated by the innumerable potentials that the body hides and a little frightened by the physical and mental limits that I had been afraid to recognise until then. So I decided to continue on this path of growth, which has led me over the years to deepen my practice of yoga and Thai Massage by following different masters in Thailand and Europe. In 2018 finally, after 3 years of intense training, I took the Yoga Teacher's diploma at the Free School of Hatha Yoga Hamsa of Master Maurizio Morelli. During these years of study with Morelli, what until then had been a strong passion for the practice of yoga turned into an indispensable lifestyle.

At the same time I also continued my training in Traditional Thai Massage, given the strong link between the practice of yoga and Thai massage, both of which are practices of deep listening to the body and important tools for restoring the mind to its natural calm. During my growth path I also approached Mindfuness, attending the MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction) protocol, which provides me with further tools to deepen my meditative practice, and I also met Alexander Lowen's bioenergetics, another wonderful tool for awareness that unites body and mind. 

There are many yoga, mindfulness and bioenergetics teachers that I follow on a regular basis and I am infinitely grateful to each one of them because they enhance my personal practice and add value to my work.


Yoga and meditation training:


2018. Diploma of Yoga teacher at the Libera Scuola di Hatha Yoga Hamsa of Maurizio Morelli in Milan (500 hr).

2019. Diploma of Yoga Teacher for Pregnancy and Postpartum at Samadhi School in Florence (100 hr).

2020. MBSR protocol (Mindful Based Stress Reduction).


Traditional Thai Massage training:


2016. Traditional Thai Massage Diploma, Thailand (60 hr).

2018. Thai Oil Massage Diploma, Italy (35 hr).

2019. Traditional Thai Massage Diploma, level 1 + 2, Italy (60 hr).




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A long journey of a thousand miles begins with moving one foot

Lao Tzu