Hatha is a sanskrit term consisting of two syllables: Ha which refers to the sun and Tha which refers to the moon. So Hatha is a word that represents union in diversity, the link between solar and lunar energies, the harmony of totality. Yoga as well is a sanskrit term that indicates union, bond, connection. The practice of hatha yoga aims at a deep knowledge of the subtle energies that govern body and mind and the strong bond between the two. By immersing yourself in the daily practice of hatha yoga it is possible to experience an intense psychophysical well-being thanks to the positions (Asana) that make the body strong and healthy and the mind attentive and lucid. However, for a correct execution of the asana it is important to follow the fundamental principles, among which: correct breathing, concentration, relaxation, minimum effort, alignment, vertebral lengthening, balance.

"The purpose and function of the asanas is not only to make us strong and healthy but also and above all to make the ego's boundaries plastic and ductile whose rigidity is determined above all by our identification with the limits of the physical body and its unconscious attitudes" ( Maurizio Morelli)

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But yoga is also an exceptional practice in pregnancy and in postpartum!

During the yoga course for pregnancy you have the opportunity to dedicate precious time only to you and your baby, to feel the life that grows inside you month after month and to prepare yourself fearless for the miracle of birth ! If you wish, from the beginning of pregnancy until after the birth of your baby we will walk together on a path of awareness and listening that will make you strong, confident in your choices and ready to face the challenges of this wonderful adventure!

During the course you will learn some basic pregnancy anatomy to understand the main mechanisms of birth, you will do specific exercises to relieve some typical ailments, you will learn to breathe well to recharge and to send a lot of energy to your baby, you will learn some techniques and useful positions for labor and birth and above all you will relax a lot!

"Only by learning to trust in the power of our body, to recognize and love it, we will be able to truly love the creature that is about to be born and we will live the nine months and the birth, in deep serenity" (Gabriella Cella Al-Chamali) .



The ultimate goal of yoga has always been to recreate the union between person and nature.

The pure nature of Valposchiavo, with its colors, its smells and the magical silence, is the perfect scenario to immerse yourself in a regenerating practice in deep connection with yourself and the universe.

Only from June to August by reservation.


Cost: 120 CHF from 1 to 4 participants

30 CHF per person for each additional participant.


Reservations until the day before at the number 0762927502 or at the email info@essenziale.ch

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