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My green gold

The olive tree is a centuries-old tree that feeds on sun, air and a little rainwater. The ancient Greeks considered it a sacred tree and a source of life and used its oil as a miraculous ointment with countless properties: as food, fuel, body ointment, detergent, drug to treat a variety of ailments. From poems and sacred texts we discover that Odysseus, exhausted and encrusted after a shipwreck, smears olive oil on his body and appears suddenly as beautiful as a God. And Mary Magdalene washes the feet of Christ with aromatic oil that spreads its perfume throughout the house. Even the gladiators of ancient Rome anointed their bodies with oil before the fight to ease the pain. But what has always been known is that olive oil, when extracted according to nature, is a real fruit juice! And the more fresh and fragrant the juice, the more beneficial it is for our body! The organic olive oil that my family produces in Sicily is extracted at a temperature that does not exceed 27 degrees and within 24 hours from collection, which guarantees the goodness and freshness of the product! On soups, on vegetables, or simply on hot bread, olive oil is an ESSENTIAL ingredient to make each dish a unique experience for the palate and for the body!


Do you want to try? Call me and we will meet for a small tasting! or, if you live far away, I can send you a free sample.

The oil is on sale in Poschiavo but we can ship it anywhere!