The Sun Salutation is the best known yoga sequence. In this video, some asanas are added to the standard sequence of the Sun Salutation for a practice which is intense but easy to learn. This sequence allows the mobilization of every part of the body and improves the mental focus. 

Walking meditation is a very simple listening and observation tool, suitable for everyone, especially for those who struggle with sitting meditation or simply when you feel that the body needs silence and movement at the same time.

The Autumn Salutation is a stimulating, regenerating dynamic practice, very useful in this time of the year when the body can be tired because of the change of season and the mind can easily suffering from melancholy or depression. This sequence improves blood circulation, stimulates breathing, has a normalizing effect on the thyroid and a euphoric effect on the nervous system.

This dynamic breathing technique improves the mobilization of the shoulders and the opening of the chest, allows the purification of the respiratory tract and oxygenation of the whole body. Perfect for the autumn season, in view of the first colds!

A chat about the immune system and the possibility of strengthening it through a preventive diet and a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

A winter practice focused on grounding, listening, movement in order to stay in tune with nature and its rhythms.